Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Daphne's bookshelf

OK, i'm back! It's been INSANE moving in & having endless (though lovable) house guests. But, I do have some awesome projects and money saving tips to share so I'm going to try hard to blog a ton more :)

I saw this idea on pinterest and LOVED it! these are $4 space racks from Ikea.

We are lucky that Daph LOVES to read so I try to buy her books often. Because i'm cheap that normally means at a thrift store. I disinfect them when we get home and they are as good as new- except they have that vintage charm and we're .50 each!

I knew I didn't want the bookshelves in the unpainted look they came in. I first tried to spray paint them white, but it didn't go well- even with krylon which is made for plastic (so it should at least work on wood!) so after that fail, I painted them with a white craft paint (you know the little plastic container that costs a $1) with a 1 in foam brush. The coverage was great, but it wasn't the look I was going for- much too country cottage for my taste. So, i finished it off with yet another coat of spray paint (which meant another trip to walmart- i HATE that target doesn't sell spray paint!) and they turned out much better :) So i would recommend craft paint followed by spray paint (you can skip the first spray paint step obviously- but the craft paint works as a great primer)

What we spent:
$12 for bookshelves, $9 for craft paint and spray paint

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